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First in Finland, we're providing the perfect way to enjoy a night out! Creativity, wine & drinks, fun activity - that's what our pARTy is made of! Together with Teerenpeli we'll create an unforgettable experience for you or your group! Learn more about Paint 'n Sip concept here.

Upon arrival you'll find a seat prepared for you with an empty canvas and the paints and brushes. Put on the apron, fill the glass and let's get started! We paint together following the instructor, but you're free to create and variate things anytime!

Please arrive 15 minutes before the lesson begins, so you can prepare and grab a drink before the lesson. Keep in mind, that there is always a chance to get the paint in the least expected place!


Teerenpeli, Helsinki

Laadukkaista pienpanimo-oluistaan tunnettu Teerenpeli Kamppi on ollut oluen ja viskin ystävien olohuone keskelle Helsinkiä jo yli 10-vuoden ajan.

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Teerenpeli Kampin nettisivut


Taivaanranta, Lahti

Beautiful and fine restaurant with astonishing cabinets for private events from 4-40 people. Pre-christams parties, teambuilding, bachelor party - any group will have loads of fun here in your own private space! The restaurant has a great menu, and you can stay after the lesson for a tasty dinner in the cabinet.

Note! The cabinets are on high demand, and it's a good idea to book well in time!

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Taivaanranta website

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Teerenpeli, Lahti

The first restaurant of Teerenpeli with a beautiful and stylish atmosphere. Book your seat to our open nights to any painting that you wish to paint with us!

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Teerenpeli website

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Teerenpeli, Tampere

Yksi vanhimpia Tampereella edelleen toimivia ravintoloita. Viihtyisä ja tunnelmallinen ravintola on paikallinen ravintolaviihteen pioneeri!

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Teerenpeli Tampereen nettisivut

Teerenpeli, Turku

Turun Paint&Party -tilaisuudet alkavat 29.9.2020! Lokakuun avoimiiin tilaisuuksiin paikat jo myynnissä!

Good Vibes Finland Oy

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15150, Lahti

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Vapaudenkatu 20, Lahti

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