Privacy policy - updated 6.10.2019


Register keeper

Good Vibes Finland Oy


Register manager

Antti-Jussi Hoivala,


Rekister name

Paint & Party customer register


Register purpose

Information is used for billing, charging, marketing, customer contacts, development and  statistics. Direct marketing is conducted only in legal practices. Customer has the right to decline the usage of his / her information for direct marketing by informing the register keeper.


Register contains following information

1. Name

2. E-mail

3. Phone number
4. Order details

5. Direct marketing permit

6. Any details customer wishes to inform to manage customer relations.


Register's main sources of info

Information is mainly gathered by sheets and competitions.


Permit to information

The register keeper may provide information as the current legislation states.


Protective measure for register

The systems and databases containing information are protected by normal enterprise technical protective measures. Access to register requires username and password provided only to people who are part of the register keeper's organization, and have a good reason to be able to access this data. Register keeper's premises are monitored.